House Turned Mansion: Ideas and Concepts for Improving Your property Value

A well-appointed home alone does not define a luxurious home. Instead, a luxurious home is one with features that make the owner feel pampered or indulged. Consider a royal lifestyle, wealth, and extreme extravagance. This sort of aesthetics had carried its popularity and appeal through centuries for as long as humanity exists. Its shapes and principles, however, change and evolve as fashion does. Certain technologies and amenities become more affordable and commonplace, and thus are less sought-after when we’re talking about upgrading your property value and achieving a more luxurious feel. So what are the features that luxury house owners desire and seek out most? 

The word luxury conjures up many comforts that tackle different needs and desires. One could say that luxury property is self-sufficient and self-reliant. High-end and -value homes are the sort of places which you wouldn’t need leaving in order to satisfy your various needs. Luxurious living space is something that many people dream of owning. But what do you need to know to start creating your own luxury living space? How does a home become a mansion? What ideas and concepts can help you in your quest for a better property value? 

General Characteristics That Make Luxurious Property Stand Out Among The Rest :


Luxury property cannot be identified based on fixed square footage alone. Rather, comparative values ​​of surrounding houses must be used in order to be able to differentiate your mansion from conventional standard property. Luxury houses in rural regions set the tone in a much higher square meter range. Size of the building or an apartment itself is a subjective measurement, which is why you should base your valuation on comparative values instead of fixed square meters. Size is not one of the most important factors of luxury property. Rather, it is the sum of all desirable amenities, with a combination of traditional and modern principles. This mix gives the interior its unique character that differentiates itself from other homes in the region, which is why at times it is also important to be able to take into account how your luxury home fits into its surroundings. When approaching the property in question, it must either stand out from the surrounding estates or be a stand-alone building that catches the eye without close comparisons around it.


In general, luxury properties are designed for comfort. It is characterized by a spacious room layout, bright designs that favor airiness and, depending on the type of residential area the property in question is located within, exclusive features such as the extensive garden area with a pool in the suburbs or a roof terrace with a view of the skyline in the center. Size is not everything, price, quality and rarity count for much more. A luxury home should be one that exudes the most value, highest in quality and craftsmanship in every detail. 

But it’s not just about the outside of the house. One of the primary principles behind rich estates is a concept of defined rooms. According to it, every separate room in a house must serve one or few purposes that correlate among one another, be it having and cooking food, satisfying recreational activities (at times limiting it to one activity per room) or resting and unwinding. Keeping this easy structural principle in mind when mapping out the plan for your house can help you greatly in achieving your goal of having property, the value of which will be going up by volumes passively as time goes by.

Appearance from the outside

Luxury properties are considered status symbols and are recognizable as such to outsiders. Magnificent facades, spacious entrances or reserved, simple but always stylish exterior design underline the value of the property. At the same time, the privacy of the residents should always be maintained, so that high hedges, walls and fences often provide the necessary privacy.

Beautiful houses are always a guarantee for higher property value. This does not require that you immediately rebuild your entire house or turn it into an architectural gem. Bringing in the right plants, making adjustments to the interior and implementing small adornments can make all the difference! Your home will be more beautiful, more comfortable and its property value will sky-rocket if it captures eyes from the moment someone first lays their eyes upon it.


Luxury properties can be found in both urban and rural regions and are mostly located in the top locations of the region. Different locations come with advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when decisions are being made in order to optimize remodeling or designing plans.

At the water: Luxury properties located on the waterfront offer daily sea or lake views and, depending on the weather, invite you to swim. If the house in question is located near a major body of water, it not only freshens the air, but also takes up space, freeing it from other potentially comparable property. However, the closeness to water can mean trouble for surrounding land, as it can with time get washed up or be quite fragile and soggy, requiring additional expenses put into support systems for any additional construction. 

In the city: A penthouse in major cities always offers a central location in the middle of the city. Employees benefit from short distances to work and also find restaurants, shopping malls and all everyday necessities in the immediate vicinity. However, the penthouse apartment or the city villa are usually equipped with a smaller living space than luxury houses in rural regions. In addition, interested parties must take into account the possible noise level associated with a central location. 

In the forest and in the country: When interested parties buy a luxury villa in the countryside or in the forest, they can enjoy spacious living space in a pure natural idyll. Peace and privacy are the decisive advantages of this residential area. However, the natural idyll of a remote location, which can be assumed to be the case in the majority of such cases, can possibly come at the expense of a central location, so it’s important to consider logistics of reaching the property. The distances to supermarkets, schools and other facilities are correspondingly long, so when this type of property is considered to be the main residence one must consider and weigh on all of the options.

However, those things are usually predetermined and hard to change. Locations of the property is one of the more frustrating characteristics of any building. Once a house is built on the riverbank or in a suburb district of a city, that is not something that can be changed. And since just adding more floors or raising the square meter count of the inside space by moving some walls will not automatically make the place well-put together and luxurious, one must wonder what interior additions can be added to achieve the goal of turning your house into a luxurious mansion? 

Here are some features and additions that can be found in million-dollar estates, some of which may be ones you would not have considered adding before, but can be an elegant solution for raising your property value several times its cost.

Huge Walk-In Closets

Shoes in abundance, chic trousers and the right top for every outfit? If you like shopping and like to keep track of your comprehensive wardrobe, a so-called walk-in or open wardrobe is a clever solution. In your own fashion room, you have everything quickly at hand and there is a wonderful order. Supplemented by a chest of drawers, a shoe rack and practical clothes hangers, you can create your own personal dressing area with plenty of storage space. But which rooms are suitable for a walk-in closet? In the end, it all comes down to the individual floor plan of your home. An existing small adjoining room, for example in the bedroom, is best suited. While small walk-in closets may also do the trick of adding value to your property, the bigger your closet space is – the more it exudes the air of luxury.

Walk in closet /

In-Home Elevators

Many elevator systems take up little space and can therefore be easily installed in private homes. The reasons for the installation can range from simply increasing the value of the property to creating accessibility. It can also help save some space in the home when installing a massive flight of stairs may not fit with your plan or the style you have chosen for your interior. 

What needs to be considered with a private elevator? Elevators can be retrofitted in single and multi-family houses. Many specialized companies offer special models of elevators for installation in a private house. The main characteristics of an elevator for a private house are: small dimensions, suitability for average room heights of 2.5 m, no engine room and shaft-less operation or low shaft head height and pit depth. In conclusion, this addition, while mechanically complex, can be a perfect addition to your house to make it chic and help significantly raise the cost of your property.

Sauna Room

In seasons when the warmth of the sun is rare and scarce, saunas are more popular than ever – the public saunas and wellness areas of the swimming pools are correspondingly full. But why sit tightly together on sweaty wooden benches when you can fulfill your dream of having your own sauna at home? 

Modern saunas are no longer bulky blocks of wood that have to be hidden in the basement. A modern home sauna is space-saving, high-quality and often even designed by well-known designers. It is being implemented more and more often in the bathroom or even visibly in the living area. Possible sauna models that can be considered for a house are Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, steam bath and more, depending on your preference. 

When picking a place for a sauna room, one must consider that the sauna at home is your personal wellness zone and a place of relaxation. A nice ambience is therefore very important – of course also for a steam bath or the heated cabin. Instead of hiding them like you used to, you should stage the home sauna. The big advantage: If the sauna is not hidden in the farthest corner of the house, it will be used much more often. The sauna is just as good in a large bathroom as in the converted attic, in an unused room near the bedroom, in the conservatory or as a sauna house in the garden itself. The main thing is that the shower and bath are easy to reach and there is also a suitable relaxation area. It is particularly nice when you can look out into the garden through large panes of glass from the sauna lounger – or even from the sauna itself. There are many manufacturers of design saunas with a glass front and that present many interesting design possibilities.


Staying physically active doesn’t take much and can be set up in many creative and resourceful ways. Whether it’s the traditional home gym, smaller fixtures and design implementations, or just having a clear area, any pre-planned open space can be turned into a home exercise zone.

There are many ways and examples, according to the design and spatial solutions, that an exercise room can be implemented in each given case. The traditional home gym can give you the benefits of a regular gym from the privacy of your home without needing to interact with other people or to share the equipment with strangers. Installation of such a room requires a creative approach, resulting in a place of wellness and activity in the home, which in many cases considers the very specific needs and interests of its inhabitants. Flexible open space is paramount for this – an open area that can be used in a variety of ways is required to fit various machines and trainers, as well as possible additions of yoga zones and space for other sports-related activities. The end result of this addition, will be a wonderful place that will not only significantly raise the property value, but would also reflect your values and improve your quality of life.

Home Bar

For many, the idea of having a bar at home will not keep them awake at night, but for others, we who like wines, spirits, drinks and other delicacies, taken alone or in company, dream of having our own oasis to enjoy a little glass when we get home and relax or to celebrate with friends. Having a bar or minibar at home is a luxury and a pleasure. A place to spend good times and to store fermented treasures.

There are multiple ways of implementing a home bar. Merging the kitchen with a minibar is an option for those who do not have enough square meters. Adapting the lower part of the kitchen or breakfast bar to store drinks is a smart and practical idea. It’s possible to put a partition or a screen up to visually separate a home bar area in a smaller living room too. If, however, you have an entire spare wall, a few shelves that can be filled with premium spirits, as well as an additional bar stand that can be lit up when it gets dark, will make a great display for your premium spirits, as well as add some luxurious feel to your recreational area or a living room.

Outdoor Kitchen

Warmer weather increases opportunities for outdoor entertaining, and if the climate in your area allows for it, there’s no better way to update an existing setup or plan of your house than an outdoor kitchen setup. Whether you intend to host elaborate parties for the extended family or casual gatherings for a few close friends, design, materials, and appliances can be the keys to improve your dining experience.

Perhaps one of the first benefits that comes to mind when you think of such a solution is outdoor cooking. Of course, outdoor kitchens are perfect for family entertaining and enjoyment. Certainly, when food is grilled on the patio, guests can gather much more freely around the grill and socialize much more while dinner is being prepared. 

Most outdoor kitchens and patio appliances today are made of stainless steel. This makes them capable of withstanding changes in temperature with the seasons. This type of material is the most desired since it can also be cleaned very easily. So when you have a functional outdoor kitchen, you have an investment that you can use and enjoy for years to come. And this might just be the sort of investment that upgrades your kitchen area experience and its cost if you ever decide to get it appraised.

Wine Cellar

Having space for a domestic wine cellar is for wine lovers what a dressing room is for fashion fans. An almost Asian luxury that can become the most precious corner of the house. Bottles organized by vintage, by brand, by country… Everyone can organize them however they want, but what will be necessary is a specific space where they can be stored.

In order for wine bottles to be well preserved, they should be placed lying down. For this reason, when designing domestic wine cellars, it will be necessary to design shelves or holes in which the bottle fits horizontally. In addition, the room temperature should be taken care of and the bottles should be kept away from sunlight. The ideal location to design a domestic wine cellar is the basement. To make the most out of this addition you can also use the lower area for your wine cellar and add, if your space allows it, a table for several people or perhaps a couple of armchairs with a small table to enjoy that freshly opened bottle. If you have a hole under the slab but not a whole lower floor, you can at least create a cellar with access from the kitchen through some kind of small opening, either circular or rectangular, with stairs or not (depending on the hole) to access the bottles.

Wine cellar /

Game and Home Theater Rooms

In general, when we talk about interior decoration we always refer to kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and so on, but luxury homes are about recreation and entertainment almost as much as they are about functionality. Some things are almost a given in our world of abundance of visual entertainment, and so private cinemas are necessary for a rich house. It is no longer enough to place a projector in the middle of the room and take down pictures and mirrors to achieve that giant screen where you can enjoy a good movie. The tendency to create your own space where you can enjoy cinematographic performances, series or even play video games is growing more and more.

There is a perfect concept behind this type of a room – to spend time with the family, from the little ones, who can enjoy all the animated movies or play video games, to the young or old who can enjoy anything from a good Netflix series to a good football game. Such a dedicated room will also significantly raise the value of the property it’s in, as it works in a tandem with a concept of defined rooms, which is so paramount for luxurious housing.

Indoor Swimming Pool

It is difficult to conceive of a luxury home without a swimming pool. With a personal swimming pool it’s possible to cool off on a hot summer day, enjoy a relaxing bath or an invigorating swimming session to the fullest. Because while the sea is a real wonder, enjoying the privacy of a swimming pool is a real treasure and the next best thing.

One of the ways of improving upon this already gorgeous option is adding a garden by the pool. Another could be having a covered, suspended or even transparent pool. These designs invite you to dream floating in its crystal clear waters. You can make the base of the pool out of noble materials that give them an exclusive and unique identity that successfully and easily adds flaunt and easy beauty to it. And one more way of making the pool the most welcoming room in the house is by placing it next to a fireplace. Or even embedding the fireplace on the edge of the pool itself, so that the flames and the waters merge into an irresistible image. Indoor swimming pools give a lot of opportunities to be creative which can be used however you want in accordance with your vision for your luxurious home.

Massive Library

For great book lovers, nothing compares to having a library at home. And, according to a recent study, living surrounded by books is not only pleasant, but also has a positive effects on your wellbeing! 

Building a library at home could be very useful, it doesn’t matter if you have a good number of books, a few, or if you have a large or small space to create it, here the important thing is to feel love for reading and recognizing that reading helps to enhance creativity and other cognitive skills. The library is that place where we can look for information, read, study, consult, learn and enjoy. If you have enough space at home and you are a great lover of reading, go ahead and create your own!

In conclusion, your home should be a place of luxury and comfort, where you can relax, unwind and escape from the daily grind. It’s no wonder why people invest in luxury property. These properties offer more space, more convenience and an overall better lifestyle than standard homes. Their value often goes up year after year as well – meaning you can sell them for more later if needed! And with the abovementioned ideas, we hope you’ve found some inspiration for your journey to a luxury home and increased property value!

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