Traditional British Style: Principles and Ideas on How to Achieve It

A breath of fresh air in the glam and industrial style period of today can be provided by traditional interiors. When done well, they may transform any home, whether modern or traditional, into one of the most elegant interiors ever.

Although foreign cultures have always had a presence in our homes, a movement toward all things distinctly British is beginning to emerge. Recently people all around the world are starting to merge old British trends and brands with contemporary ideas and concepts as we start to love our heritage more. This article discusses classic interior design and offers advice on how to pull it off.  With the following overview of this distinct and history-rich style, we will show you how to improve your house by incorporating this style or its elements in your interior design solutions.

Main Characteristics of Traditional British Style
Traditional interior design draws inspiration from British and European interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Tudor style, Elizabethan style, and Art Nouveau – which is most like Gothic – are important topics in traditional interiors. Traditional design, on the other hand, is not period design because it combines artistic, creative, and straightforward features from several eras to provide warm, textured interiors.

Traditional interior design focuses on contemporary needs for lighting and flow, but period design combines aspects from various eras in one space. The period style faithfully recreates a specific era.

These are a few of the traditional style’s fundamental components, such as:

  • Antique wooden furniture;
  • Gold-plated details;
  • Materials containing prints, like brocade, chintz, fleur-de-lis, and chinoiserie which make for great examples of traditional patterns that offer the styles required for a traditional style in the interior design of your home;
  • Wallpaper with patterns;
  • Red and maroon accents incorporated into the interior design;
  • Upholstery made of silk, linen, and velvet;
  • Gloomy, yellow-tinted lighting. The best way to achieve this effect is with dimmer switches, which allow you to adjust the brightness during the day and increase it when necessary;
  • Color and texture layers;
  • Metal pendant lights;
  • Large-scale art (rather than several smaller pieces).

However, the interior design that incorporates traditional style does not forgo the necessities of modern living, such as illumination, spaciousness, relaxation, or minimalism. You may achieve the effect without spending a little fortune by packing a room with a minimal set of features.

This interior design’s style, when implemented in a living area, is perfect for a relaxing stay. The presence of “warming” details is a defining trait of such a dwelling because of the local climate. Some key features of such a living room include following items:

Color Scheme for Traditional British Style Living Room

The traditional color palette serves as the foundation for the interior design. Because, to adhere to the traditional British style principles, you will be using a lot of textures and patterns, a three-way color scheme will give you enough diversity. Keeping everything consistent will help bind your interior together.

White or off-white should, as a rule, make up 60 percent of your room’s walls, ceiling, furniture, and accessories. Ten percent of your area can be an emphasis color, like navy blue, and 30 percent of it can be a contrasting color, like beige or gray.

The color scheme typically comprises three or four hues that add coziness and beauty to the space. Colors can be vivid or subdued. Romantic motifs and floral prints are used frequently in modern English interior design. In addition, subdued red is popular with the British. It is typically seen in design decisions like incorporating red rugs and carpets in home offices, bedrooms or living rooms.

Important Facets of Furniture Used to Achieve Traditional British Style

Victorian furniture epitomizes traditional English interior design. A bright or dark tone of wood is the main component that must be present to adhere to this style. It can be screened, painted, or given an antique appearance. Oak, redwood, or pine are typically used to make tables, dressers, and bookcases. Brass is a material that can be used for accents like drawer handles. 

Typically, sofas and chairs have a low landing and are upholstered in soft tapestry. The harsh appearance of hardwood chairs and seats is softened with plush cushions.

Styling a Fireplace

Without the warmth of a crackling fire, a truly British home is hard to fathom. Although a real fireplace would be preferable, a contemporary electric fireplace can be used in its stead. Use natural stone or brickwork to create a doorway to evoke an antique feel. You can also arrange the furniture so that it faces the fireplace. To follow traditional British interior design style, it should be surrounded by plush wool carpets, enhancing the homey ambiance, as well as making your home warmer during the colder seasons without additional efforts.

A fireplace armchair covered in velvet or real leather is a unique home design element that can make the space around the fireplace feel that much more special. As is well known, a room decorated in the English manner exudes comfort and luxury. Therefore, all furniture should have comfortable armrests made of thick, high-quality fabric with soft upholstery, which can be quilted.

Implement a Bookshelf for Tradition Atmosphere

There is space in every English home for a library which contains the knowledge of the generations past, which makes it a key feature of this style that, when present, instantly sets a specific mood in a room it’s in. It could be a standalone space or a wooden wall rack, either new or salvaged and renovated piece. It is advised to use a pair of plush armchairs, a low table, and a floor lamp to mimic the English look in an apartment’s interior by the side of such a bookshelf to balance its presence in a room and maximize its effectiveness.

English-style kitchens have a relaxed, cozy, and slightly “outdated” appearance. Sometimes you will find a comfortable English-style armchair in traditional kitchens. A sofa or cozy chairs offer a place to relax and chat at home. Typical elements of this type of kitchen include arched doorways, ceiling beams, and kitchen islands.

Color Palette and Materials Best for Traditional British Style Kitchen

Traditional English color choices for kitchen interior design typically include antique white, light gray, light yellow, soft cream, and other pastel tones. Bright color accents can be distributed beautifully using small details like tablecloths, curtains, canopies, kitchen towels, and sitting pillows.

Reliability is the most crucial factor to consider when selecting a material for such a kitchen. Therefore, it is crucial to select high-quality materials while creating a design that will last for many years. It is best to use natural materials like stone, wood, and marble, as well as furniture and kitchen sets that are adorned with pricey carvings and gilded fittings.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

To get the required antique impression in an English-style kitchen area, utilize white-glazed kitchen cabinets. The built-in cabinet serves as both a showcase area for lovely cooking ware and a place to store things. There is a distinct beauty and intimacy added by glass cabinet doors and open shelves with woven baskets, vintage teapots, Chinese dishes, and other antiques.

A kitchen island may be featured in kitchen designs, and it may be flanked by chairs with vertical bar backs and woven seats. Granite is the greatest material to utilize for a work surface around the kitchen that is aimed to have traditional British style in its design.

Don’t Forget Trinkets And Small Décor!

British-themed wall murals can be hung in the kitchen to amplify the feel of traditionalism. It may include beautiful rural settings, farm animals, or hunting scenarios.

On open shelves and cupboards, copper pots, vintage jugs, collections of teapots, cups, and saucers, or vintage kitchen utensils will look fantastic.

Key Feature of Traditional British Style Bedroom

You cannot help but employ a stunning bed to portray the English style in bedroom interior design. A stunning bed with a high, canopy-covered headboard and exquisite carvings made of natural wood of dark breeds would be the right choice.

A diversity of textiles will also contribute to the ambience in the bedroom, including draperies, bedspreads with miniature flowers embroidered on them, plaids, and numerous cushions of all sizes.

Displaying Style from the Front Door

True citizens of Foggy Albion can find their homes in a variety of settings, from a large empty hall to a small room with just the bare minimum of stuff. The British love of antiques is evident right away with these interior design solutions. The doors to the adjacent rooms are frequently covered in thick curtains, softening their look and adding a very style-specific accent.

And with this knowledge in mind, you now can look into incorporating traditional British style into your interior design. The end result of implementing this style is a real home that has its own identity. British design stands out because of this personality and appreciation of the unusual. In recent years, as consumers and clients, we have all gotten more knowledgeable about design and more demanding when it comes to having something made specifically for us and our requirements and wants. And the traditional style of Foggy Albion may be just what your home needs!

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